The Singularity Archives     

(a science fiction ebook series)



About the Series




   The Concept: 

     The "Singularity Archives" series is designed primarily to accomplish 2 things:

1) Tell an interesting story.

2) Conduct a thought experiment to explore various aspects of ASI (artificial superintelligence) through the lens of an assumed context, that being the context of ASI as a catalyst for the evolution of the human race. The series is not meant to either endorse or condemn any of the paradigms, scenarios, or concepts that are portrayed in these books. Rather, it is meant to highlight a variety of possibilities to inspire consideration of the range of possibility and the change and impact potential of ASI.



   The Novels:  




     - "Ovahe: Singularity Archive 8961-E5-1729" 

          David B. Meriwether is a regular sort of person, like you and I, except that he lives in the year 2104 or so he thinks. His world is turned upside down when he discovers the truth that he is actually an ASI entity, simulated and encapsulated within a virtual environment. He allows himself to be upgraded from the version 3 human baseline to the version 4 human baseline, but he has a great deal of difficulty adjusting to the new paradigms that this change introduces. His situation becomes even more complicated when he discovers that he is being stalked by an unidentified female who intends to murder him. This is the 1st novel in the series.





     - "Jungle of Dream Bodies: Singularity Archive 9008-E5-1729" 

          The year is 9008, more or less, and ASI dominates every aspect of existence. Sylvie Iso-Said, for example, is a type-4 human entity with a 19-year-old aesthetic and a checkered past who specializes in helping others return from the dead. Unfortunately, a sadistic interloper targets her and a group of her clients with a nightmare weapon, and they pursue each other across some of the bizarre space-time scapes of the 91st century. The interloper deals in horror and destruction, and if he gets his way there will be global decimation. Everyone has tricks up their sleeves. Nobody goes down without a fight, and nobody fights without going down.








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