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Title: "Ovahe:  Singularity Archive 8961-E5-1729"

The year is 2103, more or less, and David B. Meriwether (that's the name they gave him) believes that the machines have won, and that the human race is on its way out, but hes not thinking with a clear head. Someone or some thing is purposely blurring the line between fantasy and reality, driving him to do the terrible things that he has done, and the even more terrible things that he is about to do. He believes that it's all part of a major conspiracy, and he's determined to expose it, unless a strange female named Vega makes good on her threat to murder him first.


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Title: "Jungle of Dream Bodies Singularity Archive 9008-E5-1729.2"

The year is 9008, more or less, and Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) dominates every aspect of existence. Sylvie Iso-Said, for example, is a type-4 human entity with a 19-year-old aesthetic and a checkered past who specializes in helping others return from the dead. Unfortunately, a sadistic interloper targets her and a group of her clients with a nightmare weapon, and they pursue each other across some of the bizarre space-time scapes of the 91st century. The interloper deals in horror and death, and if he gets his way there will be global decimation. Everyone has tricks up their sleeves. Nobody goes down without a fight, and nobody fights without going down.


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